Physics 141 – Optics – Spring 2019

Professor: Philip Lubin

Class Timings:  MWF 12-1  Phelps 3519


Class Gmail account – make sure you name, tel # and email are here

User: ucsb.physics141

Pass: given in class

TA: Yu Shen

TA Office hours – TBD in Broida 1019 – PSR


Required: Modern Optics by Fowles
Recommended – Alien Vision and Optics (Hecht)

Class Notes

Physics 141 – Notes 1

Physics 141 – Notes 2

Physics 141 – Notes 3

Physics 141 – Notes 4

Physics 141 – Notes 5

Physics 141 – Notes 6

Physics 141 – Notes 7

Physics 141 – Notes 8

Physics 141 – Notes 9


Code V and Zemax are on computers in Broida 1019 – PSR

HW-1  Chap 1  Problems 2,3,4,6,7,8     Chap 2  Problem 1,2,3,4

HW-2  Chap 2  Problems 14,15,16,18,19,20,21,23

HW-3  Chap 3  Problems 6,9,10   Chap  4  Problems 1,5,7,9

HW-4  Chap 5 Problems 1,2,5,7,12,17,19

HW-5 Chap 6  Problems 1,3,6,7,8  Chap 10 Problems 1,2,3

Supplementary HW problems – please check for updates

HW Solutions


Phys141_HW2 solution

Phys141_HW3 Solution


Code V Exercise 1

Code V Exercise 2

Code V Exercise 3

Code V Exercise 4

Code V conversion of 1 meter ZeMAX file to Code V – partial conversion-no lenses

Code V conversion of 1 meter ZeMAX file to Code V – partial conversion

Code V conversion of 2 meter LCO ZeMAX file to Code V- partial conversion

LCO design description 1 meter

LCOGT 1 meter optical design in ZeMAX format

LCOGT 2 meter optical design in ZeMAX format

Supplementary HW Questions

ZeMAX to Code V conversion instructions


Due Dates and Exam Dates

HW 1  4/12

HW 2  4/25

HW3   5/7

HW 4  5/21

HW 5 Fri 6/6 in class – noon – NO HW accepted after this – NO EXCEPTIONS

Code V 1  4/21

Code V 2  4/25

Code V 3  5/2

Code V 4  5/15

Optical Project – Preliminary Design Review (PDR) 4/21 – 2-3 minutes per person.  Use overhead or board. Up to 3 people max per group project. Group projects will be required to produce more accordingly.

Midterm Fri 5/9 – bring a sheet of notes – both sides, calculator, bluebook – large

Optical Design final project due Tue June 10  in class – NO EXCEPTIONS – You must print and hardcopy and prepare a CD/DVD. The CD/DVD MUST include the PDF final report, your source for the PDF (ie MS Word or Open Office) and all relevant Code V or Zemax lens files and JPG/ BMP of the results. In addition the Power Point / Open Office presentation (below) must be included. Put your name on the CD/DVD and put your name in the file name of the PDF and Word/ Open Office file.

Final Tue 6/10  12-3 PM  – present final optical project. Prepare a Power Point of Open Office equivalent. Plan for about a 10 minute presentation. Present the problem you are solving, give background, show your Code V or Zemax simulations as pictures and draw conclusions. Team presentation are OK BUT everyone must turn in their own project (see above). Class attendance will be taken and you should be prepared to stay the full 3 hours of the final to listen to everyone’s work. You will be graded on the presentation.