Astro 1 Fall 2020


Curriculum for Astro 1 Fall  2020

This class is completely ONLINE due to the CV situation

Lectures can be viewed on Gauchospace and all announcements will be there as well

Due to the large class size please direct inquiries to the teaching assistants (TA’s)

MW 2-3:15  ONLINE – BUT this is an asynchronous course with no full class Zoom sessions due to the class size.

My lectures will be provided via videos sent to you on Gauchospace.


Faculty – Prof. Philip Lubin

Office 2015 C Broida (no access to offices this quarter)

Office hours – ONLINE – TBD

Finals Schedule –

Final:  TBD – see announcements on Gauchospace


Contact: Please contact the TA’s first to work out any issues due to the size of the class. I do not have any add codes. 

For add codes you need to contact the Physics department undergrad advisors:



Makayla Trask –

James Bird –


Astronomy Picture of the Day

Please check the APOD every day:



Universe – Geller, Freedman and Kaufmann 11th ed

We are not able to cover the entire textbook in 10 weeks but will focus on specific topics.

It is critical to get access to the sapling HW as a part of the book (ebook or hardcopy)

Astronomy is extremely dynamic as you may have seen recently with POSSIBLE evidence for life (Phosphine biomarker molecule detected)in the atmosphere of Venus, recent gravitational wave detection’s etc. 


Homework – The online HW is posted on the Sapling website.

If you are having trouble accessing the Sapling HW area – Student Access Help:


Midterm – TBD

Final – TBD

Please check this site and Gauchospace (primary site for class related communications) frequently for updates.