Physics 2 – Fall 2013

Syllabus for Physics 2 Fall 2013

Faculty – Prof. Philip Lubin

Office 2015 C Broida

Office hours – right after class

Class begins Friday Sept 23

Class time: MWF 9-9:50 Broida 1640

TA -Jared Brooks

TA office hours – Tue 1-1:30, 4-5 – PSR – 1019 Broida

Discussion sections:

Monday, 5-6:50, Phelps 1508
Tuesday, 5-6:50, Phelps 3519


University Physics – Young and Freedman 13th ed

Physics 2 will cover Chapters 10-14, 17-20

We will cover approximately one chapter per week.

Some of the HW is posted on the Mastering Physics website.

Use PLUBINPHYSICS2FALL2013 as the course identifier. Every student must have their own login to this site.

Please check frequently.

Weekly papers

A 1-2 page paper related to the topics we are studying is due each week by Monday night. Submit a PDF to Gauchospace.


Date  – Fri Nov 8 – Covers Chap 10-14 – Bring a Bluebook, calculator and a sheet of summary notes (double sided). Bring a large PINK scantron.

Midterm solutions:



Date   – Wed Dec 11 from 8-11 in Broida 1640  – Bring a calculator, LARGE PINK Scantron and two sheets of summary notes (double sided). Come to last lecture for details. Please also bring a Bluebook so I can look at your calculations and possibly give partial credit. You must bring a Scantron.