Physics 3 – Fall 2016

Curriculum for Physics 3 Fall 2016

Faculty – Prof. Philip Lubin

Office 2015 C Broida

Office hours – Monday 5 PM in Broida 3302

Section 38091 – MW 8-9:15 Broida 1640

Section 38083 – TTh  8-9:15 Broida 1610

Last day of instruction is Dec 2. Final is Sat Dec 3 in IV Theater I from 7:30 to 10:30 PM.


University Physics – Young and Freedman 14th ed

Physics 3 will cover Chapters  – 15, 16, 21-26

Chap 15 and 16 are on Oscillations and Waves in various media

Chap 21-26 are on Electromagnetism

Material covered:

Chapter 15 Mechanical Waves
Chapter 16 Sound and Hearing
Chapter 21 Electric Charge and Electric Field
Chapter 22 Gauss’s Law
Chapter 23 Electric Potential
Chapter 24 Capacitance and Dielectrics
Chapter 25 Current, Resistance, and Electromotive Force
Chapter 26 Direct-Current Circuits

We will cover approximately one chapter per week.

Some of the HW is posted on the Mastering Physics website.

Use  Mastering Physics course login depending on your course days for the course identifier:

MPLUBIN59296 (this is the MW class)

MPLUBIN87432 (this is the TTh class)

Every student must have their own login to this site.

Please check Mastering Physics frequently.

TA: Jonathan Essen –

Lab TA’s:

Baish, Andrew
Cadambi, Akshay
Cai, Xinyue
Essen, Jonathan
Giannetti, Gino
Hejazi, Kasra
Hiramatsu, Daichi
Losh, Evan
Ravi, Ananya
Porter, Zachary
Zobrist, Nicholas

CLAS: Sean Frazier  –



Oct 31 (MW class) and Nov 1 (TTh class) – Please bring a large pink Scantron, bluebook, one sheet of notes (2 sides) and a calculator. It will cover the material in Chap 15,16,21,22  as well as in class material.




Midterm Solutions:





Final Schedule:

Saturday, Dec. 3, in IV Theater I from 7:30 to 10:30 p.m

Cumulative covering Chap 15,16,21-26

Bring a calculator, large pink Scantron and two sheets of summary notes (double sided). Come to last lecture for details. Please also bring a Bluebook so I can look at your calculations and possibly give partial credit. You must bring a Scantron in addition.

Practice Final – This is an example of the general types of questions you can expect. There is an answer key at the end. You do not need to turn it in. It is only for practice.



Chapter 15 = Mechanical Waves Lecture

Chapter 16 = Acoustics Lecture

Chapter 21 = Electric Charge Lecture

Chapter 22 = Gauss’ Law Lecture

Chapter 23 = Potential Lecture

Chapter 24 = Capacitors and Dielectrics Lecture

Chapter 25 = Resistance and Current Lecture

Chapter 26 = DC Circuits Lecture