Physics 4 – Winter 2020


Curriculum for Physics 4 Winter 2020

MW 11-12:15  Broida 1610

Faculty – Prof. Philip Lubin

Office 2015 C Broida

Office hours – Monday 5-6  – Broida 3302 (opposite elevator)

Finals Schedule –

Final: Thur March 19  from 12-3  in class


Ari Kaplan –

Jiaoyue Yuan –

Paarth Gulati –

Jeremy Tanlimco –

Shannon Wang –

Adolfo Holguin –


Lab Schedule: – Physics 4 Labs are separate from the lecture class. The TA’s are responsible for the labs. Labs begin the first week of class.


University Physics – Young and Freedman 14th ed

Physics 4 will cover Chapters 27-30, 32-36

We will cover approximately one chapter per week.

Homework – Some of the HW is posted on the Mastering Physics website.

Use PLUBINPHYSICS4W2020 as the course identifier. Every student must have their own login to this site.

Weekly writeups – Each week you will need to turn in a 1-2 page written assignment on a topic related to the chapter of the week. You get to choose the topic but it has to be related to the material we are studying that week. These are due by Thur 5 PM in Phys 4 HW box outside Broida 1019 each week for the previous weeks chapter.

Midterm – Mon February 10 – Please bring a  large PINK scantron (one where you “bubble in your perm #”) , a small bluebook, one sheets of notes (2 sides) and a calculator. Covers Chap 27-30.

Final – Thur March 19  from 12-3  in class. Please bring a large PINK scantron (one where you “bubble in your perm #”) , a small bluebook, two sheets of notes (2 sides each) and a calculator. Covers Chap 27-30, 32-36.

Please check this site frequently for updates. 



Chapter 27 – Magnetic Fields and Forces

Chapter 28 – Magnetic Fields Sources

Chapter 29 – Electromagnetic Induction

Chapter 30 – Inductors and Self Inductance

Chapter 32 – Electromagnetic Waves

Chapter 33 – Nature and Propagation of Light

Chapter 34 – Geometric Optics

Chapter 35 – Interference

Chapter 36 – Diffraction