Undergrad Research Opportunities

UCSB Experimental Cosmology Group Undergrad Research Opportunities:

We open our lab to strongly motivated students interested in doing research in astrophysics, aeronautics, space science, and the technology involved in developing directed energy for interstellar travel. We are particularly interested in students who meet at least three of the following criteria:

  1. Must be a self starter, capable of doing independent research, be a good team player, and be fearless in going after information;
  2. Can put in a minimum of 4-5 hours/week, plus attend meetings regularly;
  3. Know some programming, whether Python, C++, MatLab, and can learn firmware;
  4. Have had sufficient physics or engineering courses through digital/analog circuits.

If you meet #’s 1 and 2, and either or both of 3 and 4, please  contact Prof. Lubin at lubin@deepspace.ucsb.edu or Dr. van der Veen at jatila@physics.ucsb.edu. Please arrange for a lab tour to discuss our research opportunities.

Please note: For summer, 2018, we are full and can’t take on more interns at this time. If you are a new student looking to get involved in aerospace research this summer, there are opportunities for you to get involved in some high-altitude balloon launches with the Aerospace Research Cooperative , a student-run initiative to launch experiments via balloon and rocket.

Please also see:  http://www.advising.ltsc.ucsb.edu/urca/

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NASA Spacegrant – UCSB:

Annually approximately 10K$ of funds are available from California Space Grant Consortium through NASA to support innovative graduate/undergraduate research at UCSB related to space research in engineering and science. The areas of research can be varied but must contain elements related to NASA role in space. Obvious areas of study are remote sensing, astrophysics, biology, chemistry and engineering among others. Grants in the past have included such diverse topics as anthropology, extra-terrestrial biology, and geology. This call is for spring, summer and fall 2013 work.

The applicant must be a US citizen and currently enrolled as a student at UCSB or SBCC and actively working in a space research related area.

The application consists of:

Cover page with title, name (signature) and academic advisor name and signature
Two-page text describing research. Figures and references can be in addition to the two pages of text
Contact Dr. Jatila van der Veen (jkvanderveen “@” ucsb “.” edu ) for application forms

Submission Date: Typically end of April each year

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