Faculty, Research, and Staff


Professor Philip Lubin
Director, Experimental Cosmology Laboratory, Space Research Laboratory, Interstellar Center

Physics Department, UCSB
Broida Hall, Rm. 2015C
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-9530
Tel: 1.805.893.8432
Fax: 1.805.893.3307
Email: lubin [at] deepspace.ucsb.edu

Research Interests

  • Directed Energy Systems
  • Experimental cosmology
  • Cosmic Background Radiation – spectrum, anisotropy and polarization
  • Satellite, balloon-born and ground-based studies of the early universe
  • Fundamental Limits of Detection
  • IR and FIR Astrophysics


Dr. Peter Meinhold

Research Physicist
Research interests: Experimental Cosmology, Directed Energy Systems, Detectors
Projects worked on:

Dr. Jatila van der Veen

Project Scientist
Research Interests: Interstellar Center, Experimental Cosmology, Physics and Astronomy Education Research, Learning in Virtual Reality
Projects worked on:

Dr. Peter R. Krogen

Post Doctoral Scholar – now working in industry.
Research Interests: Ultra-fast optics and X-rays, laser phased arrays, directed energy
Projects worked on:

Dr. Prashant Srinivasan

Post Doctoral Scholar
Research Interests: Quantum optics, laser phased arrays, directed energy
Projects worked on:

Graduate Student Researchers

Ari Kaplan

Research interests: Experimental Cosmology

Current project: Greenland Polarization Experiment


Nic Rupert, Senior Engineer

Chief Engineer, Laboratory Head,
Space Systems Research Laboratory,
Electronic & Advanced Systems Division,
Experimental Cosmology Group
Department of Physics.
B.S. Physics, UCSB
Satellite design and construction; in charge of everything to do with the wafer sats, on-board electronics, micro-imaging devices, laser comm, wafer design, materials, etc.
See Wafer Scale Spacecraft

Yu “John” Wang

B.S. Physics, UCSB (2017)
Research: FT-IR, spectroscopic analysis of vaporized material, WaferSat launcher design, how to fix a random lab problem.

Will Hettel

B.S. Physics, UCSB (2017)
Research: Phased laser array development, WaferSat launcher design and construction, FPGA programming, data acquisition, wafer fabrication

Alexander “Sasha” Cohen

(Class of 2019) Physics Department, College of Letters & Sciences.
Research: Phased laser arrays, vacuum chambers, telescope systems, data acquisition/analysis
My work pertains largely to the mechanical design and construction of dynamic and static systems relating to radio telescope CMB anisotropy experiments, phased laser arrays for planetary defense and directed energy propulsion, and vacuum chambers for ablation and spectroscopy experiments.