Faculty, Research, and Staff


Professor Philip Lubin
Director, Experimental Cosmology Laboratory, Space Research Laboratory, Interstellar Center

Physics Department, UCSB
Broida Hall, Rm. 2015C
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-9530
Tel: 1.805.893.8432
Fax: 1.805.893.3307
Email: lubin [at] deepspace.ucsb.edu

Research Interests

  • Directed Energy Systems
  • Experimental cosmology
  • Cosmic Background Radiation – spectrum, anisotropy and polarization
  • Satellite, balloon-born and ground-based studies of the early universe
  • Fundamental Limits of Detection
  • IR and FIR Astrophysics


Dr. Peter Meinhold

Research Physicist
Research interests: Experimental Cosmology, Directed Energy Systems, Detectors
Projects worked on:

Dr. Jatila van der Veen

Project Scientist
Research Interests: Interstellar Center, Experimental Cosmology, Physics and Astronomy Education Research, Learning in Virtual Reality
Projects worked on:

Dr. Peter R. Krogen

Post Doctoral Scholar
Research Interests: Ultra-fast optics and X-rays, laser phased arrays, directed energy
Projects worked on:

Dr. Prashant Srinivasan

Post Doctoral Scholar
Research Interests: Quantum optics, laser phased arrays, directed energy
Projects worked on:

Graduate Student Researchers

Ari Kaplan

Research interests: Experimental Cosmology

Current project: Greenland Polarization Experiment


Nic Rupert, Senior Engineer

Chief Engineer, Laboratory Head,
Space Systems Research Laboratory,
Electronic & Advanced Systems Division,
Experimental Cosmology Group
Department of Physics.
B.S. Physics, UCSB
Satellite design and construction; in charge of everything to do with the wafer sats, on-board electronics, micro-imaging devices, laser comm, wafer design, materials, etc.
See Wafer Scale Spacecraft

Yu “John” Wang

B.S. Physics, UCSB (2017)
Research: FT-IR, spectroscopic analysis of vaporized material, WaferSat launcher design, how to fix a random lab problem.

Will Hettel

B.S. Physics, UCSB (2017)
Research: Phased laser array development, WaferSat launcher design and construction, FPGA programming, data acquisition, wafer fabrication