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Lasers Could Blast Astronauts to Mars, Protect Earth from Asteroids

No Breakthrough Yet: Stephen Hawking’s Interstellar ‘Starshot’ Faces Challenges (Formerly Discovery News)

Going Interstellar: How Laser Tech May Help: Photos

Popular Science

Three Questions About Breakthrough Starshot

So How Exactly Do We Get To Alpha Centauri


The Far-Out Summit Where Geniuses Learn to Build Starships

Rich Dude Yuri Milner wants 100-Million-MPH, Laser Powered Satellites. Is that too much to ask?

Scientific American

$100-Million Plan Will Send Probes to the Nearest Star

Photonics advances allow Earth to be seen across the universe

Finding aliens may be even easier than previously thought

Science Blog

Photonics advances have major implications for the search for extraterrestrial intelligence

Physics Today

Breakthrough Starshot started with a bang

How lasers can shoot us to the stars

Nanotechnology Now

We’ll Leave the Lights on for You

Centauri Dreams

Interstellar Flight in Congressional Report

Space Daily

We’ll Leave the Lights on for You

The Daily Galaxy

“We Can Now Send Light Signals Across the Universe” –Huge Implications in Search of Alien Intelligence

Geek Wire

MSNW’s magnetoshell aerobraking system gets in on NASA’s way-out research fund

Aviation Week

Starshot Initiative Aimed At Interstellar ‘Nanocraft’

Tech News World

Tiny Nanocraft May Sail to Neighboring Star System

New Scientist

Billionaire pledges $100m to send spaceships to Alpha Centauri

Canadian Manufacturing

Stephen Hawking, Yuri Milner and Mark Zuckerberg are shooting for the stars

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Inside the Plan to Send Tiny Probes to Explore Far-away Stars

Business Insider

Finding aliens may be even easier than previously thought

The Wall Street Journal

Yuri Milner Wants to Launch ‘Nanocrafts’ Into Deep Space With Lasers

Fox News

NASA funds interstellar flight system, 7 other wild space tech ideas


Stephen Hawking wants to send tiny space probes to the stars

Sputnik News

Mobile Phone Technology Propels Starshot’s Extraterrestrial Space Search

Pushing the Limits: New Tech to Let Us Explore the Stars Like Never Before

Radio Sputnik with Phil Lubin

Amy on the Radio

Dr. Phil Lubin (Breakthrough Starshot)


Is Stephen Hawking’s ‘StarShot’ Really Possible?


Stephen Hawking wants to send tiny lightsail spacecraft to Alpha Centauri (Tomorrow Daily 347)

Stephen Hawking wants to send tiny lightsail spacecraft to Alpha Centauri (Tomorrow Daily 347) Notes


Are We About To Send ‘Spacechips’ To The Stars

Getty Images

INTERVIEW – Phil Lubin at New Space Exploration Initiative ‘Breakthrough Starshot’ Announcement

PBS Newsroom

Stephen Hawking and billionaire plan interstella cruise with $100 million initiative


Yuri Milner & Stephen Hawking Announce Breakthrough Starshot Project

Newsroom America

Photonics Advances Have Major Implications For Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Financial Review

How to get to a nearby galaxy in less than 20 years

Wisconsin Public Radio

Scientists Announce New Initiative To Search For Alien Life

The Atlantic

The Tech From a New Interstellar Mission Could Help Us Find E.T.

Value Walk

Space-Loving Billionaire Yuri Milner Announces $100M ‘Starshot’ Initiative

edhat Santa Barbara

We’ll Leave the Lights On For You


Research by Cal Poly and UCSB professors part of plan to visit neighboring solar system