TOSS – Transient Optical Sky Survey


  • An array of optical telescopes automatically scans the sky in RA nightly
  • The images are combined into one large transient sky map
  • This map is compared to previous nights and over 100,000 light curves are generated
  • Transients are identified from the light curves and stored in a web data base

An image of the TOSS telescopes, mounted on the roof of Broida Hall, UCSB.

The TOSS Collaboration:

  • UCSB Physics Department: Ellie Hadjiyska, Philip Lubin, Josh Zierten, Rory Hartong-Redder, Jonathan Crass, Pitam Mitra
  • Raytheon: Scott Taylor
  • Cal Poly at San Luis Obispo: Gary Hughes

For more information, see attached presentation or contact Ellie Hadjiyska