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Directed Energy Interstellar Study

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Photonics advances allow Earth to be seen across the universe

Finding aliens may be even easier than previously thought

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Photonics advances have major implications for the search for extraterrestrial intelligence

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NASA picks eight innovative tech projects to fund for future


Nasa selects eight technology proposals for future aerospace missions

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Directed Energy laser pushed sail study

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MSNW’s magnetoshell aerobraking system gets in on NASA’s way-out research fund


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Inside the Plan to Send Tiny Probes to Explore Far-away Stars

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Finding aliens may be even easier than previously thought

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NASA funds interstellar flight system, 7 other wild space tech ideas


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Photonics Advances Have Major Implications For Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence

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The Tech From a New Interstellar Mission Could Help Us Find E.T.

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We’ll Leave the Lights On For You


Research by Cal Poly and UCSB professors part of plan to visit neighboring solar system