Astro 1 – Fall 2018

TTh 2-3:15 Broida 1610

Faculty – Prof. Philip Lubin

Office 2015 C Broida

Office hours – Wed 5-6 in Broida 3302 (opposite elevator)

Finals Schedule –

Final: Tue Dec 11 from 4-7 PM


Craig Pellegrino –

Jiaoyue Yuan –


Textbook:  Universe –  Freedman et al 10 th edition

Astro 1 will cover Chapters 1-8, 23, 25, 27.

We will cover approximately one chapter per week.

Homework – HW is posted on the website:

Every student must have their own login to this site.

Grading – Grading is roughly:

Midterms (1 or 2) 25%

HW – 20%

Final – 50%

Class – 5%

Online HW registration and eText (if needed):

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Here are their hours and contact information:

Chapters and Material:

Chap 1-8, 23, 25, 27


Class Lectures

See Gaucho Space for lectures



Midterm 1 – Date: Thur Nov 1.

Please bring a  large PINK scantron (one where you “bubble in your perm #”) , one sheet of notes (2 sides) and a calculator.


Test and answers:


Final: Tue Dec 11 from 4-7 PM

Please bring a large PINK scantron (one where you “bubble in your perm #”) , a small bluebook, two sheets of notes (2 sides each) and a calculator. Covers Chap 1-8, 23, 25, 27